The Poshwire Lifestyle


A little over a year now the conversation was started with a fellow retailer about the possibility of assembling a store that featured some of the best print, photography, lighting artists and craftsmen in Chicago. We were not sure how to get started or even if it would be possible to achieve, but we set a goal of establishing a retail store in the heart of Andersonville, Chicago. With over 100 artists combined and lots of leg work trying to get all the details in place to finalize our entry into an amazing place we finally achieved our goal and settle into a 1,500 square foot dime of a spot. After 30 days we realized that we had something special and after 6 months we decided to bring it online and expand to a broader audience. Poshwire Custom Art Chicago online store is the home of over 100 artists from different mediums of art; it has been said that "this eclectic collection has not been found in any physical space and or under one roof" by trusted authorities in the industry. Poshwire Custom Art Chicago was created with the specific intent; bringing a local and unique curated style into the online market. The different mediums we carry speak to the attention to detail in our curation, we believed that variety and quality craftsmanship is amongst some of the best in the world.

We believe Chicago as diverse as it is and forever changing is a hot bed for new talent, providing work to the majority of the local Midwest’s craftsmen looking to come up and establish new independent local brands. With the DIY movement growing in popularity and helping generate new avenues for artists to expand small one man operations into mid-size 2-5 employee brands in the last 5 years. Poshwire looking to establish itself as the avenue for small brands or one man operations to have a secondary option for local business and we mean secondary because these days there are dozens of options for selling products online. What is it that makes us different? Well... we though going back to the basics was the only way we could really be different and actually make a difference for our partners. Going back to the basics is taking it old school, when people actually had a face to face conversation with the artists and got to know their product first hand before stamping it with the seal of approval. We think every business is different on how they approach a market and for us the basics is how we wanted to make our name; any time a new client buys from us they're not only purchasing a well-crafted or esthetically amazing piece of art but instead they are purchasing and supporting a local market. Chicago is such a large city but in this vast urban jungle you still run into people you know on the street and that's why local support is huge in this city and important to us to help in its growth.

The art featured in the shop is comprised of prints, photography, custom lighting and wood work.